About Us


Welcome In-Powered Seekers™ !


I am Georgette Taylor owner of Dynamic Life Enterprise.  

I am an author, inventor, in-powerment guide,consultant, speaker and lover of all things spiritually and sensually in-powering.  

Dynamic Life Enterprise came about through my own personal journey and study of life transformation, which I am happy to say is still taking place.

I have always loved reading and listening to other empowerment speakers and new thought leaders knowing in my heart that one day I would be doing the same thing, until a word showed up for me that really challenged what I really thought about myself. That word was Dynamic.


After many years of being an entrepreneur, eighteen years to be exact, from co-creating Big Beautiful Dolls, the first ever plus size fashion doll in 1999,  to being an author of two romance books, a romance consultant for over 5 years , talk show host and a few other ventures, I thought to myself, if I have done all this then why would hearing that one word shake me to my core and it shook me hard.

I realized that even after all those amazing ventures, I did not believe that about myself, that I was dynamic. Yes I read the books, listened to the tapes and saw the videos but I never saw myself as dynamic. Go figure!

So my journey began and it started with, why not? Why couldn't I believe that about me, what did I truly think or feel about myself? If me, then how did other women truly think, feel and say about themselves that might have us believing we are not Dynamic? That maybe holding us back from our true potential and purpose.

I soulfully believe you are only as mighty or what I like to call as "In-Powered™"  as the words you speak to and say about yourself first and foremost.


After that crushing moment a GOD idea was given to me, it said to create a an affirming word card deck, but not just any affirmation card deck, but one with a process and method that allowed for an exchange that would help each other to affirm and inpower themselves along the way.

The I AM-YOU ARE™  Card Deck was born. There is a unique way in how you use and play with this deck.  Although simple in it's delivery, it is profound in what it delivers.  In creating this card deck my most in-powered and dynamic self started showing up for me in so many ways. I realized that I needed to be there for so many women who are struggling to find or reawaken their most dynamic and sensual self. 

Dynamic Life Enterprise LLC  was purposefully created for you, to offer you in-powering resources that will help to guide, inspire and strengthen you along your most inner sacred journey.

To live your life out loud and to honor you and all the wonderful qualities that you have yet to explore about who you are one affirming I AM-YOU ARE ™  word at a time.

Until we are connected again,

Aspire to InPower and Inspire!



The InPoweredpreneur ™