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I AM-YOU ARE Card Deck

The Original I AM-YOU ARE Card Deck

Our I AM-YOU ARE In-Powerment Sessions with our I AM YOU ARE Card deck was presented at the

 B-NOW Retreat in Dallas, Jan 2019 and the 

Unity Church of Sasche in Texas

and most recently at the 

 Drop Your Bags Retreat in SC in June 2019.

The I AM-YOU ARE™ card deck  is a unique and extraordinary empowerment tool, that came out of my journey of self discovery, with a word the shook me to my core. The deck can be used as a  stand alone affirmation tool to affirm more positive and powerful words for your self, but the most powerful way it can be utilized is in the affirmation exchange format, with a friend, partner, in a women's groups, with teens, schools, relationships or networking groups.

So my mission is to share and utilize  this card deck as a way to connect and speak to women, girls and couples so they may use this deck to help them to empower their lives one affirming word at a time. 

So get your deck,  invite a friend, family member and start sharing your

I AM - YOU ARE  InPowerment  Exchange™ Experience today!!! 

New I AM-YOU ARE Children's Card deck featured in the Look It's a Box Children Book Series


This is so exciting for me to share our the I AM-YOU ARE card deck and the (IAYA Method) that the card deck teaches with children. Knowing how important it is to help them to sustain their self esteem and self worth at an early age, I am honored to be part of empowering our children.  

The deck not only moves me in a new direction, but also opens up other avenues to help partner and collaborate with other authors, retreats and organizations in creating customized decks for them.

Interested in seeing how that would look or work  for you and your company please email me at 

to set up a free 30 min consultation.

See below to purchase  the I AM-YOU ARE Childrens Deck. 

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I AM-YOU ARE Children's Deck

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A  self-esteem building card deck for children, created and customized for the   Look It's A Box Children's Books Series.



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InPower Your Life with our #1 InPowerment Affirmation Exchange Card Deck.



"I found the sharing of the cards, looking deeply into the other participant's eyes and saying these affirmative and loving words to be deeply moving. As we quietly and deliberatively spoke the words from the card, claiming I AM... and YOU ARE... tears flowed and reserves of emotions were released.What a gloriously simple gift to use your inspiring creation.  We later talked about how effective this could be in schools. It occurs to me that Recovery Groups could surely benefit too."  Thank you!  

Jeanie Brosius King,

Personal Change Specialist Texas


"This game is going to inspire others to not only find out the words that encourage and motivate them but words that affirm them that they are not yet comfortable with and they can get to a point where they want to feel vibrations form every word that they speak about themselves, so I am excited about this game."

Chasity Melvin, former WNBA All Star and NC State Hall of Famer

"When you think of affirmations you think of choosing words or phrases beforehand that inspire, motivate and encourage you. I have had the opportunity on two separate occasions to use the “#1 Affirmation ExchangeCard Deck” and each time I learn something new about the exchange of affirmations. It’s easy to say affirmations that you are comfortable with but when you don’t know what words will come up it will stretch your belief system. I enjoy each time in not only affirming positive words about myself but my partner in the exchange. Say yes to this affirmation exchange and learn to use new words to describe your awesomeness and uplift the people around you."  

Alicia M Morgan, Speaker, Author, Nonprofit Leader 

and STEAM/STEM Education Advocate  K-12 Promotion of Education Honoree


"I LOVE Georgette Taylor’s I AM -YOU ARE™ cards of affirmation and empowerment.   At first, I thought they were interesting. I thought of them as entertaining—that was because of their format.  But, once I sat down and starting going through the deck and really searching my heart and soul, I realized the cards were there to help break down boundaries and untruths I was feeling about me. These untruths were undermining my basic self-worth and self-esteem. As I continued to work with the cards, I found myself able to work through negative feelings and to rise to a place of higher awareness about the truths of who I AM"  

Tammy-New Mexico, Owner of Curiousiteej  Dolls & Collectibles   

 "You made me feel amazing and I loved the affirmation session I was able to do with my  son Blake who is 7 years old. I am in love with how easy it is to quickly incorporate into my day! During the   I AM-YOU ARE session I felt vulnerable, in tune with the moment and connected with my son. This experience was truly a blessing and as a busy mother, it was easy to go about my day without saying or listening to one good word  from the people I love. I have been making it a part of my family routine to stop and connect to each other's greatness. I think it is important to practice positivity and create a habit to express love."

 This is brilliant! Thank you!

Magna Gregory from Wylie, TX