Positive Word Share Movement

Positive-Word-Share Movement

Blessings everyone!

You maybe wondering what the Positive Word Share Movement

 is all about, well I wanted to do something with a few of the   I AM-YOU CARD card decks that I had left and thought it would

 be great to place a positive word randomly throughout my

 community of Gwinnett County, and whoever found the card 

would have a wonderful experience of a positive word chosing

 them for the day.  I also wanted to find a way to share my

 positive words with more people and thought this would

 such a beautiful experience.

So I have placed over 200 cards randomly throughout Lawrenceville and Snellville, GA.  On each card is a sticker asking them to share how they felt when they found the word by sending me a voice message on my podcast so I can then share their experience with my listeners.

Since I shared the Share-A-Positive word with friends and family they all wanted to participate so they could be part of the Positive Word Sharere Community and Movement. So I created the a few Positive Word Share Movement packages below.

The package not only shares a positive word, but also gives back to a foundation that is close to my heart, The Peter Westbrook Foundation. You can see more about that foundation here and what they stand for.

If you sign up and purchase the Share-A- Lot or Shout-It-Out package you get an extra  I AM-YOU ARE card deck to keep or give a gift. You alo receive stickers that says, I AM A-Positive-Word-Sharer,  Would You Like To Be One As Well?  I can show you how!

visit: www.positivewordshare.com

Would You Like To Be A Positive-Word-Sharer In Your Community?

Since I had so many family and friends wanting to be a Postive Word Sharer in their communities, I created small Share-A-Positive Word packages for them.  

We have 3 packages below that you can choose from.

Also for every 3 decks you order you get a free deck for yourself. 

Please note that all decks that are purchased, wether it's the small package to the full deck, portions of each purchase will be donated to the the Peter Westbrook Foundation.

Positive Word Share Packages

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Customized Sponsor Packages Available

Your business and or company can also sponsor a Positive-Word Share Package

It will include Sponsored by: your company or business name and website