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Relaunch of Soul Shift Cinema Club - November 2019

Soul Shift Cinema Club is all about my love of sharing inspiring movies and having empowering conversations with my friends. I wanted to combine all these wonderful things together and offer them in a way that honored all of them.

The way the SSCC will work is that there will be a monthly movie chosen at random that you can watch at your own leisure and then on the 4th Sunday of each month via teleconference we will call in to have fun, inspired, thought provoking conversations and discussions about our monthly movie selection. 

I would also love to have everyone participate in sharing inspirational movies that they love and feel would inspire our Soul Shift Movie Club Members.  Please email me those suggested movies to me at

Inspiring monthly movies & conversations!
Inspiring monthly movies & conversations!

I hope you can join us.

I am very excited to relaunch our Soul Shift Cinema Club for 2019.  I have had to put the SSC on hold for a while, but I am excited to restart and refocus my love of films and inpowerment through films and  I look forward to having you join us in growing our Soul Shift Cinema Club to 500 for the year of 2019.

The movie of the month and the conference numbers are provided below along with the link to the movie for this month via Hay House or  you can search for the movie online as well. 

I look forward to all our Soul Shift Cinema Club members getting together on Sunday,  November 24th, 2019

 See below to get call in number.

Featured Movie for the Month