Speaking Engagements


Looking for something unique to add your retreat, book me for your upcoming retreats. 45 minute sessions. Please email me for more information for booking a  InPowerment Session at your retreat or organization at georgette@dynamiclifeenterprise.com

Upcoming Speaking/Storytelling Engagements and or I AM-YOU ARE ™ InPowerment™ Sessions:

May 2nd, 2020

Unity Spiritual Center,  Sacshe TX

Transformational Storytelling

June 27, 2020-July 4th

International Impact Summit Cruise - Belieze 

Panelist and I AM-YOU ARE In-Powerment Session


Past Speaking Engagements and I AM-YOU ARE ™ InPowerment™ Sessions:


Drop Your Bag Retreat - June 23rd, Beaufort, South Carolina

Hosted by: Dr. Keisha Keith

Unity Spiritual Center - Jan 2019 Sachse, TX

Kim Andrews, Spiritual Leader

B-NOW (Beautiful Network of Women) Retreat - Jan 2019, Dallas TX

Hosted by  Jeanie Brosius King and Cindy Jordan

 Testimonies from the B-NOW Retreat: 

"I found the sharing of the cards, looking deeply into the other participant's eyes and saying these affirmative and loving words to be deeply moving. As we quietly and deliberatively spoke the words from the card, claiming I AM... and YOU ARE... tears flowed and reserves of emotions were released.What a gloriously simple gift to use your inspiring creation.  We later talked about how effective this could be in schools. It occurs to me that Recovery Groups could surely benefit too". Thank you!  

Jeanie Brosius King,  Personal Change Specialist Texas jeaniebrosiusking.com  beautifulnetworkofwomen.com

"Georgette’s journey of self realization is evident in her speaking. Her passion to encourage women to find the WONDER WOMANinside is evident in the cards she has created. The ladiesat our BNOW RETREAT absolutely loved them!"   Cindy Jordan 

"The card Powerful resonated with me. I often forget that I have power over my life. It’s easy to blame and make excuses. This card made me pull my shoulders back, chest out and say with faith, “I am a Powerful woman!” And believe it! "

Anne Bardsley